Drexel Neumann Academy

Drexel Neumann Academy

How It Works

Drexel Neumann Academy is grateful for your consideration for adopting a student. You can adopt a student by partially ($1,350.00) or fully($2700.00) paying the student's tuition.

You can either make payments or pay in full.

Click Here to pay on line

Please contact Sister Maggie at 610-872-7358 if you require any further information or would like to arrange a visit to DNA.

Program Description

The Adopt-A-DNA Student program is an innovative response to the educational needs of the children in the struggling city of Chester who need financial assistance to experience the benefits of a Catholic education in a safe environment. Adopting a student simply means being financially responsible for part or all of a student’s annual tuition. Your generous gift this year can help make the dream of a Catholic education a reality for our children. Whether you support full or partial tuition, your contribution is a sound investment in the future.